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    Maximize the potential of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with our dynamic PPC training course! Our program is packed with a variety of modules that cover all aspects of PPC, from campaign planning to performance tracking, so learners have a deep understanding of the platform’s role in online marketing.

    Learn the art and writing of keyword research. effective ads and how to optimize your campaign to improve ROI. Learn about the latest topics like A/B testing and retargeting as you become an authority on well-known PPC networks like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

    Gain expertise and confidence to succeed in the world of digital marketing by experiencing the excitement of campaign management and optimization firsthand. Enroll in our Chandigarh PPC course today to kickstart your journey towards professional success. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you toward your goals every step of the way!

    Advanced Modules of PPC Course in Mohali

    Module 1 - Pay-Per-Click Advertising Overview

    ⦁ PPC Marketing Summary

    ⦁ Identify the concept of Sponsored Search

    ⦁ Key phrases and terminology (eg CPC, CTR and Quality Score)

    Module 2 - Setting up PPC Campaigns

    ⦁ Best Choosing a PPC network (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.)

    ⦁ Creating a control account and

    ⦁ Organization and structure of campaigns

    Module 3 - Keyword- selection and research: PPC requires careful consideration of keywords

    ⦁ Keyword research tools and methods

    Module 4 - Long Tail Keywords: Importance and Usage

    ⦁ Writing and Designing Engaging Ad Copy

    ⦁ Best Practices for Creating Powerful Headlines and Descriptions

    ⦁ Impact of Ad Extensions on Ad Performance

    Module 5 - Strategies for Management Suggestions

    ⦁ Manual and identifying differences in automatic bids

    ⦁ Bidding changes for different devices, locations, and days of the day

    ⦁ Manage pace and budget

    Module 6 - Quality Score Optimization

    ⦁ Importance of Quality Score in PPC

    ⦁ Quantities that affect Quality Score

    ⦁ Methods of increasing Quality Score

    Module 7 - Analyzing Ad Performance: Tracking and Evaluating Metrics Related to Ad Performance

    ⦁ Setting Goals and Measuring Results

    ⦁ A/ B Testing Your Ad and Landing Page

    Module 8 - Remarketing and Audience Targeting: Running Campaigns

    ⦁ Creating and Targeting Custom Audiences

    ⦁ Dynamic Remarketing Tactics

    Module 9 - Advanced PPC Techniques

    ⦁ Demographic and Geographic Targeting

    ⦁ Daily Distribution and Ad Timing

    ⦁ Advanced Features and the use of ads.

    Why Choose Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Your Digital Marketing Education?

    PPC is a famous and remarkable virtual advertising method, making it a must-examine for anybody severe approximately advertising online.  First, PPC advertising permits advertisers to expose cross again on investment and fine-music their efforts for maximum green general overall performance. Second, advertisers can also intend specific audiences with their advertising manner to the type of targeted on options supplied via PPC systems like Google advertising.

    Trackable Results: With PPC, you may without problems see what you`re getting on your cash and tweak your method for even higher effects.

    Targeted Advertising: You can pinpoint precisely who sees your ads, way to the right focused on alternatives to be had on systems like Google Ads.

    Instant Impact: Get on the spot effects with the aid of using using focused visitors immediately on your website.

    Cost-Effective: You best pay whilst a person clicks to your ad, so you are now no longer losing cash on those who are not interested.

    Tailored Targeting: Reach the proper human beings with the aid of using focused on particular key phrases and demographics.

    Widely Used Platforms: Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are everywhere, so understanding PPC is crucial for any virtual marketer.

    Data Insights: Learn precious insights about your audience's behavior, that can tell different advertising efforts.

    Flexible Optimization: Easily tweak and refine your campaigns primarily based totally on overall performance records for ongoing success.

    Versatile Marketing Goals: Whether it is boosting sales, producing leads, or growing brand awareness, PPC can assist organizations of all sizes meet their advertising objectives.

    Valuable Skills: Mastering PPC approach studying critical abilities like marketing campaign creation and optimization which might be surprisingly renowned in the virtual advertising world.

    You'll Master These Pay Per Click Tools
    Key Components of Pay Per Click

    Ready to convert your on-line commercials? Join our top-tier PPC direction in Mohali, with attain to Chandigarh, Zirakpur, and Panchkula! The following features help you to boost your virtual advertising and marketing capabilities with our in-intensity PPC training. 

    The Mohali Pay-Per-Click Training Programme Covers These Skills
    Keyword Research
    Conversion Tracking
    Competitor Analysis
    Quality Score
    Ads Rank
    Bidding Strategies
    Pricing Table

    Free Trial

















    Basic level


    Google Ads

    Mange Mcc Account

    Negative keyword

    Auction Insights

    Auction Insights

    Bidding Strategies

    Keyword Match Types

    Standart Level


    Google Search Ads

    Display Ads


    Create audience

    Auction Insights

    Conversion Tracking

    Google Tag Manager

    Dynamic Remarketing

    Bidding Strategies

    Audience Manager

    Shared Budget

    Advanced Level


    Google Search Ads

    display Campaign

    Audience Targeting

    Campaign Optimization

    Google Merchant Centre

    Google Shooping Ads

    Youtube ads

    App Campaign

    Google Tag manager

    Ecommerce Tracking

    Bidding Strategies

    Performance Max Campaign

    Call Only Ads

    Bid Adjustment

    Manual CPC

    Automatic Bidding

    ROAS and ROI

    Get 100% Job Assistance by enrolling in
    Certified Webcom Training Course
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    Working on Live Projects
    What positions will you hold after pursuing a Pay Per Click Course in Mohali?
    Numerous Opportunities are Awaiting You

    Our professors will provide you with training so you may pursue whatever area you choose to work in, such as personal branding, freelancing, or entrepreneurship.

    Meet the Leaders in the Industry

    B2B Campus maintains networking as one of its top focuses. It presents you with business leaders with whom you may establish enduring relationships and networks.

    Assistance with the Community for Life

    Our Chandigarh digital marketing college offers the biggest marketing community support group, which is available for 24/7 assistance with any inquiries or issues.

    Curriculum Focused on Jobs

    Digital technologies like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can help you develop a career as a Digital Marketing specialist if you have a strong basis in essential marketing.

    As You Work on Real Projects, You Can Learn

    Practical instruction in digital marketing can only be received while working on an actual project. Using real-world projects as a teaching tool, our digital marketing college in Chandigarh empowers you to take risks and learn.

    You'll Obtain Certification

    We provide a certification course in digital marketing. It indicates that you would be qualified to manage and work on various marketing activities as a certified marketer.

    What positions will you hold after pursuing a PPC Course in Chandigarh?

    1.PPC Specialist:

    Manage and optimize PPC campaigns to maximize go back on investment (ROI).

    2.Digital Marketing Analyst:

    Analyze PPC statistics and metrics to generate actionable insights for marketing campaign optimization.

    3.PPC Campaign Manager:

    Develop and execute complete PPC techniques tailor-made to precise commercial enterprise objectives.

    4.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist:

    Focus on PPC and different SEM strategies to enhance online visibility and force traffic.

    5.Social Media Advertising Specialist:

    Utilize PPC strategies on social media structures like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to attain goal audiences.

    6.E-commerce Marketing Manager:

    Drive income and sales via strategic PPC campaigns for on-line retail businesses.

    Frequently Asked Questions –

    PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It`s a form of online marketing and marketing wherein advertisers pay a price on every occasion their advert is clicked. It’s a way to shop for visits for your site, in preference to incomes them organically.

    PPC is crucial as it facilitates companies attain their target market correctly. It lets in you to manipulate your marketing and marketing budget, goal particular demographics, and music your ROI, making sure you get the maximum from your advertising efforts.

    To begin the use of PPC, you want to pick a platform like Google Ads or Bing Ads, installation your account, create your commercials, choose your target market and keywords, set your budget, and release your marketing campaign. It’s vital to constantly reveal and optimize your campaigns for the great results.

    Our PPC route covers the whole lot you want to understand to come to be gifted in PPC marketing and marketing. You’ll discover ways to create effective ad campaigns, conduct keyword research, analyze marketing campaign performance, and optimize your commercials for max ROI. Our professional teachers will offer hands-on schooling and real-global examples to make sure you are completely organized to be successful in the global of PPC marketing and marketing.

    Yes, our PPC schooling is continuously up to date to mirror the modern enterprise developments and great practices. We cognizance on presenting practical, actionable insights that you may observe immediately for your personal PPC campaigns. Whether you are a newbie or have a few enjoy with PPC, our route will equip you with the expertise and abilities you want to excel in the field.

    The period of the PPC course varies relying at the software you pick. We provide bendy scheduling alternatives to house your needs, whether or not you decide upon an in depth boot camp or an extended course format. Our intention is to make sure you have sufficient time to absorb the material and observe it correctly for your personal PPC campaigns.

    Enrolling in our advanced PPC training course is easy! Simply go to our website, choose the course that great suits your needs, and entire the registration process. Our pleasant group of workers can be glad to help you each step of the way and answer any questions you could have. Don’t pass over this opportunity to take your PPC abilities to the subsequent level!

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